Duration: 1h15
5 musicians on stage

Tireless seafarers, the Vikings roamed and traded across the known world from Iceland to the Mediterranean Sea, flourishing as a culture, creating mythical stories, and influencing a number of European traditions.
La Mandragore imagines the music of the Vikings had they had the time and leisure to notate it. Playing folk instruments from the Mediterranean and Scandinavian regions, and singing songs and tales in Swedish, Norwegian, Old Norse, and French, the ensemble presents an authentic and eclectic collection of Viking-inspired music.
The title of the album, the Norse word for “middle-earth,” emphasizes the traditions and stories of the Scandinavian culture, with music setting ancient Scandinavian dances such as the polska and halling in pieces like Alexs Polska and Seans Dancer, as well as folklore and stories about warriors (Kassias Saga), outlaws (Grettis Saga), and shepherdesses (Ingrieds Lilja).
Enthusiastic, engaging, and expressive, La Mandragore capture the voice of a culture that disseminated throughout Europe, masterfully playing Scandina-vian folk instruments such as the sackpipa and the nyckelharpa (a Swedish keyed fiddle), while displaying their modern sensibilities and aptitude.

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Duration 1 h 15
5 musicians on stage

La Mandragore ensemble introduces its fourth album, Convivencia, whose title means coexistence and conviviality. It is often associated with Andalusia at the time of the Caliphate of Cordoba when Saracen, Jewish and Christian cultures briefly lived together in harmony. La Mandragore searched for this almost mythical Andalusia that appears like a dream world in 2010. More than a historical document, the group has created a moving and passionate tribute to mixed cultures that combines medieval tunes and original compositions. Many textures, sounds and languages intertwine, from Italian to Arabic, French and Ladino. One can hear a ney play with a traverso, an oud with a cittern and darbukas keep rhythm with palmas. The resulting album is both festive and melancholy, always full of hope and happiness.

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Duration: variable, tailored to the occasion
3 or 4 musicians on stage

A joyful band of minstrels arrives to pay you a visit! They introduce to you their bizarre instruments, the costumes of their time, and to the secrets of medieval life. The audience is even asked to participate in their songs, games and dances.

Discover the lute, crumhorn, chalumeau, gaida…
Hear songs in Latin, Galician, Ladino, Langue d’oc, Langue d’oïl…
Watch history come alive before your eyes!

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